Month: February, 2015

Breathwork for Stress Management and Well-Being

February 26, 2015 / by alex / in Articles

With each passing day, life gets more frenetic‚Ķmore to do, less time to do it in, more complexity, more moving parts, the push-pull between work and family. In this seemingly impossible struggle, the effort required to keep up, can sap your energy and stir the pot of your anxiety. Begin with time constraints; work demands; […]

Tips for effective use of affirmations

February 4, 2015 / by alex / in Articles

Here are a few tips for effective use of affirmations: Commitment Without commitment to making the change and reaching your goal, affirmations are just words. Make it your #1 priority to create change. ACTION! Repetition Repetition is the tool of affirmation accomplishment.