Month: November, 2015

The Breath of Change – a Creative Force

November 21, 2015 / by Cherry Choo / in Blog

  21 Nov 2015 | John Stammoulos | For things to change first I must change Change is an inevitable part of life. You are born, grow up, enter into relationships, forge careers, have children, age and experience loss and death.   Whether it comes in the form of conscious choices to live a new way […]

Life’s Better When You’re Laughing

November 7, 2015 / by Cherry Choo / in Blog

07 Nov 2015 | John Stamoulos | Be light hearted.  It’s contagious Laughter communicates the same lightheartedness and joy in any country, any culture and any age group.  The actual context of the expression may change with geography, age and societal norms, but laughter is the response to tickling that universal funny bone. In today’s […]