My breathwork experience with John was amazing! This man of god really does his job amazingly! My journey was incredible. No words could describe it. John has helped me, as I release my inner struggles in a safe environment. As a lady, I love to feel comfortable and safe. In Group Breathwork, I have my own cocoon and feel rest-assured that I am in safe space, and only with people I allowed (like trusted facilitators/angels) can come near or finger-touch me. I breathe in Life. I breathe in self-worthiness. I breathe in Love. I breathe in Abundance. I now release fear. I release sadness. I let go anger. It is OK to have feelings(sad/happy/fear). It is not OK to held on the old feelings (sad/hurt) that happen 5 or 10years ago. It feels rotten inside and want to be let go. Anger and Ego CAN'T Hold me back anymore. It is like a giant chain on the foot. Release emotion that no longer serves me NOW. When release happens, new growth and life have space to come into my life. It is the time. The time is now. Being a NLP, Silva Method, Hypno and multi discipline consciousness student, I am always conscious and selective on the teacher I want to learn with (probably that is the ego-self :). Breathwork with John Stamoulos is unique, it is nothing like anything I have experienced before. I've tried self-hypnotise and active-meditation. If I could rate my self-hypnotic in the galaxy is 5. This is 20! Transcendence is the word. Lightness and clarity are the results I gained. I have to admit that it took so much energy to suppress my old feelings of sadness, hurt and anger. I am now released from my own prison. Now I release myself from old judgement. Thank you John Stamoulos! Your work is awesome and amazing! You are definitely super awesome and in transforming lives, John!

Athena Pang | Kuala Lumpur

Dear John, I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a beautiful breathwork session conducted on 26th October 2015 at Holiday Villa Subang Jaya, Malaysia. My experience was truly magical and enlightening. When we first started the breathing exercise, I started to fell numbness starting from my nose. My nose was the first part to be totally without feeling and followed by my legs. Then my entire face started to have tingling sensation. It's like as though my entire face was poked by many fine needles. The next thing I realized, I was already at a state of feeling completely blissful. The feeling is so great that it is like I consciously know that I am home. I am finally back to where I belong. That moment is so beautiful, serene, peaceful, happy, total bliss. I truly rejoice the moment of blissfulness. I wish to stay longer and don’t want the moment to end. At that split moment, I was completely ready to leave, I wanted to leave and stay on at where I belong to forever. Tears of joy started to flow in me. It's such a joyous moment. Just when I was about to completely let go and leave, I suddenly felt a loving hand stroking me, bring me back to awareness that I need to be present. It's really difficult to describe in words exactly the feeling of blissfulness but nevertheless the real life experience is magical and spectacular which I can never forget. All healing in me was taking place during that beautiful moment and I also found some kind of power in me. Whenever I recall the moment, I am totally elated. Once again, thank you very much for bring me back to where I belong. I am very thankful and grateful for your guidance in leading me back home. I'm so blessed to have the opportunity to be connected to you and your beautiful work. Appreciate you can keep me posted of your next session in Malaysia and for sure I wish to be connected again. With gratitude & thankfulness Lily Tan | Kuala Lumpur

Lily Tan

I discovered the breathwork process back in 1998 when I was first introduced to John through a good friend as I was just starting my career as a Remedial Massage Therapist. John suggested I might benefit from some one on one session’s as at the time I was having some limiting beliefs around money and self-worth. I had some normal apprehensive feelings about having a breath session as I didn’t know what to expect and had never heard of this type of therapy before. John assured me that it was safe and he made me feel very comfortable and gently encouraged me through the process. I feel during a breath session, I gain insight into what it is I need to work on or let go of, especially around negative thought patterns. I feel for me breathwork & the work that John does, has really assisted me in dealing with life’s situations in a more positive light. I would have no hesitation in recommending John as he is very honest and intuitive in understanding individual needs and what it is that is holding them back from living a peaceful fulfilling life.

I first found out about Breathwork through an organization called, Goddess Within. I knew I had issues buried within me that needed to ‘pop’ and Breathwork was the vehicle that brought these problems to the surface to be freed. My first encounter was in a group setting, which I approached with some reserve. As the time approached for me to partake in the Breathwork group session, I could feel the fear mounting in me. I encountered a number of synchronistic roadblocks –incidents that happened to me, avoidance actions I took and excuses I made up - any one of which could have easily derailed my participation. However, I chose to push through into this unknown experience and was rewarded with a session that was good, intense and easy. I did have experiences of tetany (physical constrictions) that were of some concern but, at the end of the group Breathwork event, I felt so much clearer and so much lighter that any temporary discomfort was well worth the outcome. Working with John and this Breathwork process is powerful and opens one up to one’s own truth. John is a sensitive and aware man and sometimes, one needs to surrender to his ability to cut through the blocks in order to get to the heart of what needs to be expressed and healed. John is persistent and is all about getting you to the core of your issues without you getting away with anything. I will always appreciate his immense love and support that gave me the courage to look at my stuff and take action to change. Without question, always know that – John loves you and supports you!!

Joanna Giles

My first encounter with Breathwork happened through meeting John Stamoulos when I was an attendee at the Singapore Money and You workshops. At the time, I was a full-time housewife with aspirations to venture into professional training as a business. I was cautious about engaging Breathwork and had some initial concerns that it might be against my religion but I soon found the experience to be free from any dogma. Each session brought me deeper into my own being and when it was complete, I was able to breathe more freely, felt refreshed, extremely relaxed and completely safe in my body. As I continued the Breathwork sessions, I noticed that I developed more confidence. I was much more conscious and aware of the way I related to myself and to my surroundings. I experienced an overall greater clarity in my being. With John as my Breathworker, I always felt very safe. I trust him completely and I deeply appreciate his professional approach, support and skill that emerged my own sense of personal power and helped me step up to my present career as a Professional Alignment Coach. I have benefited immensely from Breathwork and from knowing John. I recommend the process and him to my contacts and have done so for more than 12 years. John has been a great mentor and dear brother to me. He is compassionate and takes a strong stand on behalf of humanity. His support has helped me evolve to be stronger and more aware and has given me the courage to change my life in ways I had only dreamed about before meeting him.

It all began in my mind as a simple exploration born out of curiosity about the process of Breathwork. As a psychotherapist with many years of personal work myself, I thought I had pretty much cleared my ‘stuff’ and was prepared for some minor issues to surface – “No biggee,” I thought. Once the session began it quickly ushered in a powerful and transformative wave of emotion and physical sensations that showed me just how much I still needed to release. With John’s encouragement and empathic insight, I understood that I didn’t need to identify any of the emotions or seek their source. I just needed to let them go – and ‘go’ they did, in a tornado of energy that left me amazed at the power of the work. Under John’s compassionate and supportive guidance, the Breathwork process was one of the most profound experiences I have encountered. During the sessions, I felt safe, held and honoured. In the ensuing months since engaging Breathwork, I have noticed its subtle essence has stayed with me. It opened up the channels of personal confidence and self-trust that have put me in the driver’s seat of my life. I have become more discerning about the choices I make, more awake to my own authentic capability and absolutely aware of the limitlessness of what can be accomplished. Simply put – Breathwork delivered exactly the change I needed! Thank you, John for who you are and for the immense love and skill with which you share this sacred process.

I was first introduced to Breathwork in 2006. My journey of inner work and personal development had begun a year earlier after hitting a low point in my life. I was told that Breathwork could be a supportive tool for my growth and healing so I attended a group Breathwork session conducted by John Stamoulos. I do not remember much of the the actual experience but I do recall saying to myself towards the end of the session, “This is not for me. Everyone seems to be experiencing something except me. I will never try this again.” I’m glad that I did not listen to myself but followed the advice of my friend who asked me to book a private session with John. The rest is history. That initial session was the first time that I was allowed to remove my personna and share my deepest fears, struggles and pain without feeling any judgement. In the session, John created a very safe space that encouraged me to go deep in order to release what needed to be let go. In the next 3 years, I booked private appointments with John whenever he was in Singapore. Every session brought different experiences and different awarenesses for me. Most importantly, I noticed that I started to change effortlessly after each session. I also felt lighter and experienced an increase in my self esteem and self confidence. Breathwork allowed me to release a lot of my baggage and limiting beliefs. It gave me the ability to claim back my personal power. I would not have become who I am today without Breathwork and the support and love of John. In fact, Breathwork benefited me so much that, in 2008, I decided to attend John’s Life Enhancement Intensive program to be trained as a Breathworker. I have been sharing this powerful tool with people in Asia since 2009. One of my biggest fears in life was public speaking. Through Breathwork, I was able to release that fear and am now a full time trainer, a career that I would never have imagined prior to experiencing Breathwork. If you have never had the experience of Breathwork, I strongly recommend that you book a session with John. As a Master Breathworker, he is very experienced, competent, intuitive and loving. In the safe and nurturing space that he provides, one will achieve the release and create the desired changes he/she seeks in life.

Every so often you come across a person who gives you the power to transform your life. This person is John Stamoulos!

A fabulous coach & trainer who speaks from the heart. His passion to GIVE is something that I really admire. Every Rebirthing session, being group or one to one, he does with great enthusiasm & dedication. I've learnt a great deal from him, both in terms of being in power for myself, & also how to see things from others' perspective, which is crucial for a mutually benefiting relationship. His wealth of knowledge is testimony of his many years of experience in this field. His love & support as a coach, has been very consistent. I'm very grateful for his assistance in my times on despair & uncertainty. His sense of sincerity in helping others & humbleness is commendable & worth mentioning. Thank you John, for always being there for me.

I have had both the pleasure and honour of working with John both on my own personal growth and assisting him on a number of occasions in workshops and retreats. John's sharp, intuitive ability is a constant source of inspiration as he challenges students, participants and assistants to address issues holding them back from reaching their full potential. John does this with compassion, creating a safe nurturing environment, bringing to his work a depth of knowledge and wisdom beyond his years.

I have known John Stamoulos for 8 years and he has been a real mentor in my life, I have attended many of his Breathwork retreats & workshops. John conducts his workshops in a very professional manner with honesty & integrity. Through attending Johns retreats & workshops I have grown emotionally, spiritually & financially.

John Stamoulous has been known to me for approximately eight years. In that time I have both experienced John's trainings and grown in respect and friendship for the person John is in his daily life. I have watched his dedication to his son, as a single father. He has provided stability, love and much humanitarian learning, involving broad experiences in the community with a wide range of people from all walks of life, to add to his mentoring. On the professional level, John has continued his study and growth in all areas from lecturing overseas, seeking out other professionals in this field and remaining faithful to pursuing the best of outcomes for his clients. Providing an ongoing contact of support, information, and a patient caring approach, assisting others to work through their self development at their own pace. The planning of unique experiences to enhance the trainings is thorough and creative, some of the highlights are the sharing of beautifully prepared meals and the congeniality of atmosphere. I would have no hesitation in recommending his services, or placing in him the highest trust. His trainings leave a deepened experience of friendship and empowerment to those who participate. I endorse this breathwork professional with sincerity,

Brenda Scanlon

John... He is different. He gets straight to the point! Gently. John doesn't allow you to wander around and he knows exactly where you are at. His dedication to Breathwork is.. breathtaking.

Ivar Virkus

I had the pleasure and honour to work with John in Australia, Sedona Arizona, and when he came to Canada on his world tour. His knowledge, love and understanding shine as he gently yet firmly guides his clients to a place of healing. John is pure compassion and love. As a facilitator and counselor myself, I recommend John to anyone in any capacity and I am so looking forward to working with him once again.

I have had several breathwork sessions with John over the last 5 years. They have all been incredible - each in their own unique way. John has always created an incredibly safe environment which encourages trust. What has impressed me is John's ability to understand and intuitively read what is going on. He is then able to suggest the perfect key to unlock whatever has been stored away. I can recommend working with John if you really desire to get to the bottom of your core issues.

John is a fabulous practitioner and a wonderful man. I felt incredibly at ease from the moment I met him and welcomed in the warmest of ways. John is a genuine and honest man and one you want to have as a friend. The experience on Troubridge Island is magic and John makes sure guests are taken care of in each and every way. I am honoured to have met such an outstanding individual - pity I live in the UK and he lives in Australia! I cherish every moment I spent with John and his crew on Troubridge Island and I keep those moments in my heart.

Daniele PoggioEntrepreneur, London