Embark on a transformational journey that will take you beyond anything you have already accomplished in your life.

The Life Enhancement Intensive is an exclusive program that offers the opportunity to accelerate personal growth and, if you choose, begin training as a Professional Breathworker. As your program leader, I am committed to your authentic personal transformation. I have helped countless others like you to become powerful leaders, successful business owners, more confident individuals in the world and I would like to do the same for you.



Does your life feel like this?

You know what success is. You have many achievements yet you feel stuck in old behaviour patterns that suck the meaning from your life and hold you back.

You feel the weight of your own limiting beliefs and the unconscious patterns that sabotage your energy and stop you dead in your tracks.

You know there is so much more inside you to give but something is blocking you from just stepping out fully showing up.


Discover the awesome power of your breath! It is the agent of change you have been seeking!

You want to BE, DO and HAVE MORE but you have no idea where to begin? You need a map.

You want to be more than the personal history, limiting beliefs and old circumstances that bind you.

You want to find the AUTHENTIC YOU buried inside so you can learn to love and trust yourself.

You want to unleash your POTENTIAL and be more than the status quo of your life.

You want to have more peace, joy and love.

You want your life to have more meaning and to be of SERVICE to others.

You want to once and for all break down the barriers of fear and doubt that have kept you surviving when you know you can THRIVE.

You want to be confidently at ease and accept a BIGGER PRESENCE in life beyond the confines of your personal history.


The Life Enhancement Intensive is unlike anything you have experienced…

In a safe and secure environment, John Stamoulos, renowned International Breathworker and teacher leads a team on this intensive, life-changing program that supports you to create revolutionary personal growth specially designed for time with me one on one.



  • Identify the origins of limiting belief systems in life
  • Release restrictive thought patterns and let go of their associated emotions
  • Choose, create and identify a personally supportive new belief system.



  • Discover and begin to clear your blocks.
  • Find keys to achieving your dreams.
  • Explore the power of your mind and practice that ‘thought is creative’
  • Learn the power of language and how to use it to invoke your desires.


Your designed life

  • Create ways to inspire and guide your life plan.
  • Develop your innate intuition
  • Unleash your inner potential
  • Liberate your resistance
  • Identify what you want to create in your life and choose your ideal goals




The Life Enhancement Intensive consists of 3 Modules to complete

Module 1

  • Introductions
  • Metaphysics
  • Birth & Infancy
  • PDS – Emotions

Module 2

  • Self – Love & Relationships
  • Fear
  • Health & Wealth
  • Ego

Module 3      

  • PI & Death – God – Divinity and the Sacred – Completion


The modules are spread out over the year, so that each person can participate and integrate at his / her own pace and progress, available time, and financial considerations.

  • Module 1 takes place over 7 consecutive days
  • Module 2 is 4 days and will be held over the weekend from Friday to Monday.
  • Module 3 is 2 ½ days and will occur over a partial weekend.


The Program also includes:

  • Daily experiential processes to assist you in clearing limitations
  • Daily Breathwork sessions
  • Healthy vegetarian Gourmet food during training sessions
  • Excursions / Sports / Surprises

The days are filled with unexpected events designed to make the whole experience memorable, healing and expansive. Every day, trainees do Breathwork sessions. There is in-depth exploration of inner self and personal history that unfolds throughout the training.


We have fun too!

I also enjoy using humour when I teach because it makes the lessons memorable and puts them in a lighter context where they often belong



LEI is designed to support and nurture people from all walks of life who wish to learn more about their own personal life journey and make life changes that support their well-being. People from various backgrounds and professions have come through this program, including couples, siblings, parents and grown children.

If you have experience with Breathwork and want to delve deeper into your personal journey and be the creator of your life, this is also for you.

If you have no prior experience with Breathwork but are drawn to it, this can be a great place to start.

There is no requirement for participation except to trust and show up 100%.


The “Life Enhancement” part of the intensive

  • Identify the mental obstacles that limit your potential
  • Discover how Breathwork can initiate your prosperous new beginning
  • Develop self awareness and accept your unique talents
  • Overcome your present limiting beliefs
  • Identify the aspects of your life that need to change
  • Release the inner strength to create lasting life transformation
  • Develop the courage to live a life of prosperity and focused purpose
  • Discover a greater sense of meaning in life
  • Recognise the limitless bounty that is possible in life


What LEI Attendees are saying about their experience…

leit1What I love in John is that he always comes from the heart. He is fun to be around! I love the way he is always in integrity with himself, adding value in what he does, being compassionate, humorous and organised. Very professional with high quality standards.
What a great quality of a man! I consider everyone choosing John to be embarking on an esoteric journey with a very wise, old soul.

Matoula Piscopani, Rebirther/Breathworker, Mykonos, Greece


leit2I thought I had an idea of what his LEI training was about however it was nothing I had imagined. It was more! More fun, more exciting, more nail biting, more confronting, more honest, more loving & nurturing. John leaves no stone unturned, his attention to detail in adding value and making memorable experiences was fantastic! In the days of LEI, I have grown emotionally, financially and spiritually. I have also made many international friends, which I trust and know that they will support me in my ongoing transformation. If you want to move onto that next level in your life I highly recommend in participating in LEI. In my 8 years of personal development this is by far the most effective way I’ve found to transform myself. I’m looking forward to going back and assisting in other peoples growth.

Gianfranco Ingegneri Remedial Therapist, Adelaide, Australia


leit3What can I say!! Awesome, Unforgettable and Life changing! Thank you John for the Life Enhancement Intensive transformational experience. After the 15 days journey, I’m enjoying more wealth, love and abundance in all aspects of life! I’m also building a more empowering and loving community around me.

Wendy Kwek, Co-Founder, WK Investment Network Pte Ltd, Spirit of Enterprise Award 2004, Asia’s leading speaker



leit4The LEI Intensive Program has been a once in a life time unforgettable experience for me. He is totally devoted to transforming individuals lives on many levels…he is very intuitive and has a great sense of humor. Thank you John for being a divine inspiration in my life, you’re a gift to me and to this world.

Karen Scott, Remedial & Therapeutic Massage, Adelaide, Australia



leit5For someone who has never experienced Rebirthing/Breathwork, it really blew my mind andbody-WOW. The experiences and after effect of LEI training has changed my mindset on many things, not to forget the community of love from each and everyone like brothers and sisters from all walks of life all over different countries. I would recommend this program to everyone who wishes to enhance their life and progress to another level of excellence.

Joey Poh, WK Investment Network Pte Ltd, Singapore


A word from the LEI leader – John Stamoulos

When I decided to do my Breathworker training, I first did it for myself! I used to have so much fear that it physically paralysed me in many areas of my life. I just did not have the tools to move through any of these personal blocks that were so embedded in my subconscious mind. I remember visiting just about every sort of therapist, expecting them to take my fear away. Now that I look back, I have learned that I only needed to feel my fear and understand that it would not kill me. After all, it was just a thought or a memory! I feel fortunate and blessed to have found this Breathwork process. It is a gift of LIFE that has assisted in healing my fears and as a result, I am in such a happier and more abundant place on my journey.

I never thought in a million years that I would embark on this Breathwork journey and especially never expected to end up travelling worldwide teaching and facilitating this process yet I am so excited now to be doing this work. I just want to keep sharing it with as many people as are willing to participate and learn. What I discovered was the more I grow personally from this process of Breathwork, the easier it is for me to facilitate sessions, support my clients and give them more value too. If you do this training for you and you participate 100% then I trust you will get what you are looking for in healing. If after the training you feel that you want to share this with others then I would be honoured to support you to join the worldwide community of Breathworkers.

I look forward to meeting you at our next program.

“Trainees leave the Intensive with a powerful sense of their self-worth. They know they can have limitless bounty for themselves and they know it is within their own ability to take action to achieve it. “

~ John Stamoulos


Schedule for 2015 / 2016

2015 Life Enhancement Intensive training will be held in Agio, Greece and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • Module 1: In November 2015
  • Module 2: In February 2016
  • Module 3: Completion: In October 2016