Private Skype Coaching

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John Stamoulos can provide a more convenient and suitable way of being able to support you through a private Skype-Skype chat. This is an effective way of experiencing support with John Stamoulos.

There is no travelling – be at home and have your private 1-1 session at your own convenience, enjoy being in the comfort of a different setting whether it be your home or any other place at all times of the day, when you feel ready and comfortable to do so. You can set up an mutual appointment with John.

Take your time to think about what support you need, write down your list of questions you have in mind before engaging in a private 1-1 session will enable you to be supported in whatever is challenging you or you need inspiration for! For some, this can help to focus thoughts and concerns.

Personal, relationship, work, parenting or whatever area of your life that is challenging you.

1-1 Skype-Skype interaction also gives you the option to reflect/follow up after a private face to face session you have had with John.

John Stamoulos has a strong commitment and dedication to supporting and helping people through difficult and

challenging times in their lives.

Terms and Conditions

In order to start 1-1 Skype sessions, clients need to read the Terms and conditions.

John Stamoulos will email each individual client an informed consent/support agreement form to sign before Skype sessions takes place. Clients are asked to fax back the form to Fax Number: (Country Area Code) +61 8219 0093 or scan and email the form to [email protected]. 1-1 Private Skype sessions will begin after the form has been signed and sent back to John Stamoulos.


This website is provided by John Stamoulos for the purpose of providing online support to individual clients. The service is for anybody who would like to receive support as long as the individual client is able to understand and acknowledge what is involved in this service and are willing to cooperate and follow terms and conditions.


John Stamoulos holds no liability if the connection on Skype becomes unavailable. John Stamoulos does not accept any liability for any injury, loss, costs, damage or false information given to receive Support from 1-1 Private Skype sessions. John Stamoulos holds no resonsibility to a user’s computer system, software and data technical difficulty occuring in connection to a Skype call.


Payment is to be made through PayPal at a fee of A$145.00 per 60 minutes. Payment may also be made through direct deposit. Payment is needed to be made before 1-1 Skype calls (any or a) session begins. If by any chance you are having difficulty connecting to the internet at the appointment time scheduled, please email [email protected] within 24 hours to arrange another appointment time.

By signing this form, the client indicates a willingness to accept any result of treatment conducted within or recommended by John Stamoulos, without holding John Stamoulos liable for any circumstance, condition or aggravation thereof that those treatments may have influenced or caused. The client also takes full responsibility for payment of fees within the agreed time.