Your core values are the deeply held beliefs that authentically describe your soul~ John Maxwell


Making a choice about anything in life might seem rather simple – you either do or you don’t; you say yes or no. But, how you arrive at that yes or no depends a lot upon what is most important to you and what you believe. Behind every decision you make in life there is a powerful and mostly unconscious force that influences you – your personal values.

Your values are the basic beliefs you adopt as a result of the information you learned from your family of origin, from the culture and from the society in which you grew up. As you mature, those personal truths reflect in your life. For example, you might deeply value working hard or being independent or advocating for justice. As a result, you might choose a career that is challenging and demanding; or you might choose to work for yourself rather than simply ‘get a job’; and you might find yourself rallying on behalf of a cause that seeks equality for others.


Determine Your Personal Values

On some unconscious level, you know intuitively what is important to you. In fact, you are guided by that knowledge whether you realise it or not. However when you can bring light to what you value most in life, making decisions can happen with more clarity and meaning for you. When you operate with awareness from your values, your actions can be more empowered and sure-footed. Knowing your values and living from them flows peace and joy into your life and releases stress and self-doubt.


The following two articles will help you discern what values are operating in your life. It is a powerful step toward vital self-knowledge :


Your personal values illuminate the essential nature of your soul. When you define your character through your values, you are giving yourself a gift of balance, clarity and the ability to navigate any life experience with a solid foundation of principles that speak to your deepest soul truth.